Silence Emotion ——Bruno Walpoth"s Art Works

Date: 2018/11/19     Click: 

Exhibition Time:  2018/11/29 to 2019/2/27
Organizers: Zhejiang Art Museum , CAFA Art Museum
Hall:  No.1,2


Bruno Walpoth, the famous sculptor, known as "one of the greatest woodcarving artist of the century".His woodcarving work is simple and clean,, with exquisite line, especially the emotional expression is quite amazing. His sculpture is full of breath of life. His stroke draws expressions and body of the characters with a plain style, he applies colors to a drawing,which gives special emotional atmosphere.His works give life to work.The viewer will feel a strange move.The exhibition presents 25 new works which the artist created for the exhibition as well as paintings, copper sculpture and paper carving which rarely appear in his solo exhibition. In addition, video of art creation process will also be exhibited to let the audience have full understanding of Bruno's artistic attainments.

First Stage: 2018.11.29—2018.12.23  No.5,6

Second Stage: 2018.12.29—2019.2.27  No.1,2

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