Past Exhibitions

Exhibition of Zhejiang Art Museum’s Collections in Celebration of Chinese New Year

Exhibition Time: 2019/1/15- 2019/3/3
Organizers: Zhejiang Art Museum
Hall: No.11,12 & The Collection Hall

The Spring Festival is a traditional Chinese festival with a long history and contains the wisdom and crystallization o...
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The 5th Chinese Painting Biennale of Hangzhou

Exhibition Time: 2018/12/28- 2019/2/19
Organizers: Chinese Artists Association,Zhejiang Federation of Literature and Art Circles,Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism,,China Academy of Art
Hall: NO.4,5,6,7,8,9,10

The exhibition will be launched in Zhejiang Art Museum on December 28, 2018. The Biennale is divided into four chapters...
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Tides Rise From Zhijiang, Dream World in Ganghang’ Picture Exhibition to Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up by ZJGH

Exhibition Time: 2018/12/18- 2018/12/31
Organizers: Zhejiang Port and Shipping Administration Bureau(ZJGH)
Hall: No.11,12

Zhejiang has advantage in port and navigation resources. With rich deep-water port, open port inland waterway and three...
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Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition from Quzhou——to Commemorate the 40tAnniversary of Reform and Opening up

Exhibition Time: 2018/12/14- 2018/12/23
Organizers: Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism,Publicity Department of CPC Quzhou Municipal Committee
Hall: No.4

The exhibition is organized by Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism,Publicity Department of CPC Quzhou...
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Exhibition of Wu Jingchu’s Art works

Exhibition Time: 2018/12/7- 2018/12/20
Organizers: Xiling Society of Seal Arts,The ZheJiang Province Reseanch Institute of Culture and History,Zhejiang Artists Association,Zhejiang Art Museum,Hangzhou Cultural and Creative Industry Office
Hall: No.7,8,9

Wu jingchu studied painting since he was a child. His experiences as a teenager enabled him to draw inspiration from th...
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Iron-Forged Mountains and River——Liu Sanqi Chinese Landscape Paintings Exhibition

Exhibition Time: 2018/12/1- 2018/12/14
Organizers: Guangdong Academy of Painting, Guangdong Artists Association
Hall: No.10

Liu Sanqi was born in Chaozhou, Guangdong province in 1971, he graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 1993. N...
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Silence Emotion ——Bruno Walpoth"s Art Works

Exhibition Time: 2018/11/29- 2019/2/27
Organizers: Zhejiang Art Museum , CAFA Art Museum
Hall: No.1,2

Bruno Walpoth, the famous sculptor, known as "one of the greatest woodcarving artist of the century".His woodcarving wo...
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Future of Imaging —— International Creative Pattern Design Competition 2018

Exhibition Time: 2018/11/29- 2018/12/12
Organizers: China Academy of Art
Hall: No.11,12

Crossover of art creativity and technology integration have developed into a lot of new changes and new phenomena, incl...
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Ode to Seasons of the East—— Su Hsien-Fa"s Poetic Insight

Exhibition Time: 2018/11/29- 2018/12/12
Organizers: Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Toursim
Hall: No.1,2

Su Hsien-Fa was born in 1948 in Jiayi, Taiwani,Dean of Taiwan Normal University Fine Arts,professor, Honorary Director ...
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Spiritual Transformation——Zhu Yancun’s Works

Exhibition Time: 2018/11/28- 2018/12/11
Organizers: Zhejiang Art Museum
Hall: No.4

Zhu Yancun currently teaches in the department of prints in Central Academy of Fine Arts. He is good at taking plant ju...
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The Research Exhibition of Dancing Accompanied by Music in Dunhuang Frescoes

Exhibition Time: 2018/11/16- 2018/11/27
Organizers: Zhejiang Conservatory of Music
Hall: NO.10

Dunhuang frescoes is a very spectacular music world. In the history of the world, whether in the instrument type, quant...
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Contemporary Chinese Ink Bamboo Painting Exhibition

Exhibition Time: 2018/11/14- 2018/11/25
Organizers: Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Toursim , Publicity Department of CPC Hangzhou Municipal Committee ,China Academy of Art
Hall: No.7,8,9,11,12 & The Collection Hall

To commemorate the one thousandth anniversary of Wentong, pathfinder of Chinese Ink Bamboo Painting of Huzhou School, t...
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“Colorful Country” Teacher and Students" Paintings of Gao Ni’er from Xiepu Zhen

Exhibition Time: 2018/10/31- 2018/11/11
Organizers: :Cultural Center of Zhejiang Provincial,Xiepu Town People"s Government,Zhenhai District Bureau of Culture Radio & TV, Press and Publication,Zhenhai District Federation of Literature and Art
Hall: No.11,12

Xie pu farmers painting has a long history, thriving in the last century 80's, from then on, it gradually formed with c...
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Urban Touch – 2018.HongKong-Macao Visual Art Biennale

Exhibition Time: 2018/10/30- 2018/11/11
Organizers: Ministry of Culture and Tourism of The People’s Republic of China, Home Affair Bureau of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government,the Social Affairs and Culture of Macao Special Administrative Region Government
Hall: No.1,2

The exhibition of 2018.HongKong-Macao Visual Art Biennale is organized by Ministry of Culture and Tourism of The People...
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A Major Exhibition to Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening up in Zhejiang Province

Exhibition Time: 2018/10/25- 2018/11/25
Organizers: Publicity Department of CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee、Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture、Zhejiang Federation of Literature and Art Circles、Zhejiang Daily Press Group、Zhejiang Radio & TV Group
Hall: No. 4,5,6, The Lobby, The Central Hall, The Skylight Long Hall

"Reform and Opening up is a key move that determines the fate of contemporary China, and is also a key move that decide...
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Chen Lemin’s Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition

Exhibition Time: 2018/10/23- 2018/11/11
Organizers: Zhejiang Art Museum
Hall: The Collection Hall

Chen Lemin, Originally from Shaoxing, Zhejiang province, an expert on European issues, was a researcher and director o...
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The Classic of Mountains and Seas—— The Exhibition of Huaiyi,Wang Weixin and Jin Xinming

Exhibition Time: 2018/10/15- 2018/10/28
Organizers: The Bimo Magazine
Hall: NO. 11,12

The Exhibition is organized by The Bimo Magazine.The three artists have a profound knowledge of traditional painting, a...
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A Fair Land This Is —— Zikai Feng at 120, A Retrospect

Exhibition Time: 2018/10/10- 2018/11/11
Organizers: Zhejiang Art Museum,Tongxiang Municipal People"s Government, Xiling Sociey of Seal Arts, Feng Zikai Research Association of Shanghai Huangpu District
Hall: NO.7,8,9,10

This year marks the 120th anniversary of the birth of Feng Zikai. In order to better carry forward and inherit the art ...
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See-Saw: Shen Lieyi’s Installation Art

Exhibition Time: 2018/10/1- 2018/11/22
Organizers: Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture
Hall: West Square

Shen Lieyi, currently teaches at the School of Sculpture and Public Art, China Academy of Arts. He is good at integrati...
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Cheng Ran : If the World is My Oyster

Exhibition Time: 2018/9/28- 2018/10/27
Organizers: Zhejiang Provincial Department of culture
Hall: NO.1,2

Cheng Ran, graduated from China Academy of Fine Arts, now lives and works in Hangzhou. His works are dedicated to break...
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