1、 Free of charge: the exhibition free visit, in case the charge exhibition please refer to the museum's official website ( to the latest bulletin.

2、 Open hours: 9:00-17:00(16:30 stop to enter). Monday closed. Open on holidays.

3、 Please No Smoking, No Food and Drinking in the exhibition area.

4、. No Weapons and Dangerous Goods, No Pets.

5、 Please Be Polite. Tidy dress is accepted. Keep in order and tidy in the museum.

6、 For your safety, please No touching the facilities. Please keep space to the exhibition works. No touching and damage the exhibition works. Keep quiet in the museum.

7、 No doing business in the museum.

8、 No photograph and imitate the works without permission.

9、 Please take care of your goods.

10、 The museum will be closed if there is important task.

11、 For safety, the museum will limit the visitors if it is too crowded.

12、 Because the museum road is fire access road, bus will be prohibited to park. "Temporary drop-off area" located in the north gate of museum.

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