Current Exhibtions

A Major Exhibition to Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening up in Zhejiang Province

Exhibition Time: 2018/10/25- 2018/11/25
Organizers: Publicity Department of CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee、Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture、Zhejiang Federation of Literature and Art Circles、Zhejiang Daily Press Group、Zhejiang Radio & TV Group
Hall: No. 4,5,6, The Lobby, The Central Hall, The Skylight Long Hall

"Reform and Opening up is a key move that determines the fate of contemporary China, and is also a key move that decide...
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See-Saw: Shen Lieyi’s Installation Art

Exhibition Time: 2018/10/1- 2018/11/22
Organizers: Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture
Hall: West Square

Shen Lieyi, currently teaches at the School of Sculpture and Public Art, China Academy of Arts. He is good at integrati...
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