ZJAM’s Guideline on Holding Exhibitions

ZJAM opens its art exhibition services to the whole society. Anyone who is interested in holding an exhibition may read the following guideline carefully and make an application in accordance with relevant requirements.

I. Exhibition Application

(i) Applicant qualification

Groups or individuals at home and abroad (hereinafter referred to as “applicant”) that have long been engaged in artistic creation, curation or management and that stick to high artistic standards and enjoy prestigious social influence.

(ii) Exhibition requirements

1. The exhibition should meet high artistic standards, comply with the laws of the People’s Republic of China, respect China’s national conditions, conform to the CPC’s guidelines and policies regarding literature and art, and be in line with the academic positioning and direction of ZJAM.

2. The exhibition period shall not be shorter than 14 days.

(iii) Application time and acceptance department

Exhibition application time: Exhibition applications are accepted on working days.

Acceptance department: The Exhibition Department of ZJAM. Hotline: 0571-87138601.

(iv) Application procedure

1. The applicant should download the form attached, fill it out and send it to zlb@zjam.org.cn along with other required materials, or mail it to the Exhibition Department of ZJAM at 138 Nanshan Road, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, with remarks “Exhibition application materials”.

Required materials:

(1) Exhibition Application Form (Attachment 1).

(2) List of Exhibits (Attachment 2).

(3) Exhibit material: 3-10 8-inch photos for graphic, three-dimensional, and installation exhibits; full-version images for video and multimedia exhibits; relevant pictures or images for other types of exhibits.

(4) Profile, albums and other related publications of the applicant.

2. The Expert Committee of ZJAM will review the qualification and feasibility of the exhibition application at a chosen time, and arrangement of exhibition hall and schedule of exhibition period will be determined after the application passes the review.

3. ZJAM will issue an exhibition confirmation letter to the applicant, informing him/her of the exhibition hall and exhibition period for his or her exhibition and attaching a floor plan of the exhibition halls at ZJAM.

4. After the exhibition confirmation letter is issued, the applicant should reply within 10 working days.

5. The two parties should reach an Exhibition Project Agreement (Attachment 3) which prescribes the rights and obligations of both parties. Failure of the applicant to sign the exhibition agreement shall be deemed as a waiver of holding the exhibition.

II. Exhibition Declaration

1. A declaration should be made to cultural authorities and other relevant departments for approval before an exhibition project is carried out, and no subsequent changes should be made to or for the exhibition in principle.

2. The exhibition agreement signed by the two parties does not take effect until the exhibition project is approved by cultural authorities and other relevant departments.

III. Exhibition Implementation

(i) Move-in and move-out

After the applicant signs the exhibition agreement with ZJAM, both parties will begin the specific work for implementing the exhibition. Party B is responsible for move-in and move-out of the exhibits.

(ii) Exhibition fees

1. The exhibition fees mainly include payment for occupancy of the venue during the exhibition period, and a performance bond is also required. Other fees, if any, shall be agreed by both parties in the exhibition agreement.

2. The fees and payment method shall be subjected to the exhibition agreement signed by both parties.

(iii) Thrifty principle

ZJAM advocates a thrifty principle in holding exhibitions and is intolerant of extravagance and wastage. Please read the Proposal for Exhibitions in A Thrift Manner (Attachment 4).

Attachment 1: Exhibition Application Form

Attachment 2: List of Exhibits

Attachment 3: Exhibition Project Agreement

Attachment 4: Proposal for Exhibitions in a Thrift Manner

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