I. Application
1. Eligibility
All domestic and foreign organizations or individuals with certain experiences of artistic creations, hosting or managing exhibitions, and with good taste for arts as well as social impact (Referred to as applicants hereinafter) are eligible to apply.
2. Requirements
The exhibitions, apart from possessing a high standard of arts, are also required to abide by the laws of the People’s Republic of China, honor China’s national conditions, comply with the Party’s principle and policy of literatures and arts as well as the academic position and leading direction of the museum.
3. Time and the Management Sector
Applications are acceptable at all working days except holidays. And the Exhibition Department of Zhejiang Art Museum takes the charge.
4. Procedures
A. All applicants are required to get the “Application Form for Exhibition of Zhejiang Art Museum” (See Annex I) from the Exhibition Department of ZJAM and complete the form with the following information:
a. List of the exhibit (See Annex II)
b. Profile of the applicant and related publications
c. Information of the exhibit: As to those graphic, three-dimensional works and works of devices, please submit 5 to 10 eight-inch photos of the works to be exhibited without duplication.As to those visual and multimedia creations, please provide a complete video tape of the works for display in the form of DVD for examination.As to other works, please provide relevant pictures and information.
B. The Exhibition Department will collect applications at the end of every month, which will be discussed and approved timely by Arts Direction Committee (ADC for short hereinafter). The Exhibition Department will then set an exhibition schedule based on the suggestions given by ADC.
C. After the exhibition schedule is fixed, the Exhibition Department ill send confirmation letters to the applicants, informing them of the exhibition location and the schedule, enclosed with a floor plan of the exhibition hall (See Annex IV).
D. Applicants shall affirm the confirmation letter within 10 working days after it is issued and then negotiate with the museum on the terms of exhibition agreements.
E. To host exhibitions as planned, applicants must sign exhibition agreements with ZJAM, clarifying mutual rights and obligations. Those who do not sign the agreements are construed a waiver.

II. Exhibition Approval
The Art Direction Committee of ZJAM will examine and approve applications for exhibitions in terms of feasibility, eligibility and the like before implementation.

III. Exhibition Implementation
1. Layout
After the exhibition agreement is signed, exhibitors and the museum can negotiate about the exhibition forms. The art museum shall fully respect and reflect any reasonable forms of exhibitions proposed by the applicants, preparing and withdrawing the exhibitions strictly according to the time schedule and the terms stated in the agreement. Staff members assigned by the art museum shall take major responsibilities for site arrangement under the applicants’ assistance.
2. Expenses
Prior to exhibitions, the exhibitors are required to list all the specific expenses, while strictly abiding by the financial regulations.
A. Use of the expenses and methods of payment shall abide by what both sides have concluded in the exhibition agreement.
B. Exhibition publications issued by ZJAM need to observe the publication format standard of the museum with the logo of the museum.
3. Exhibition Materials Archiving
The Exhibition Department is responsible for collecting, sorting and archiving exhibition materials and files for editing periodicals and annuals of the museum.

Annex I: Application Form for Exhibition of Zhejiang Art Museum
Annex II: Item List of Exhibition of Zhejiang Art Museum
Annex III: Exhibition Agreement of Zhejiang Art Museum

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