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Management Methods of Collection Solicitation by Zhejiang Art Museum


These regulations are formulated according to Zhejiang Provincial Management Methods of Art Collection.

1. The scope of collections solicited includes:

(1) Precious art works created by influential celebrities and preserved by folk people during different historical periods;

(2) Works created by art celebrities who came from Zhejiang or who had important art activities in Zhejiang during different historical periods;

(3) Works created by contemporary artists with potential through planned solicitation initiatives;

(4) Creation activities conducted by artists influential in the province or all over the country under planned organization;

(5) Other previous art works that the Management Committee of Art Collections consider neccessary for their special significance.

2. Collections will be solicited in the following ways

(1) Negotiated transfer, which is a way of purchasing art collections by negotiating with their creators or legal owners;

(2) Rewarded donation, which means the creators or legal owners of art collections receive reward grants for donating their art collections to the government;

(3) Organized creation activities, which refer to the creation activities of art works organized by ZJAM and ZJAM will legally obtain the ownership of the art collections created during these activities after paying adequate compensations;

(4) Purchase through auction, which refers to the legal acquisition of art collections through auction means in domectic auction markets;

(5) Other legal means.

3. Procedure of collection solicitation

(1) Report the solicitation plan for the next year to the Management Committee of Art Collections in Zhejiang Province by the end of the current year, or report suggestions on temporary solicitation when necessary;

(2) Organize relevant members of expert panel to identify the authenticity of the collections and assess the valuation after the solicitation project is approved by the Management Committee of Art Collections in Zhejiang Province. At least experts will participate in the assessment of each collection and propose identification and assessment conclusions;

(3) File the application of collection solicitation based on the identification and assessment conclusions given by the experts and submit it to the Management Committee of Art Collections for approval;

(4) Sign agreements with the solicitated and owners of the solicitated art collections;

(5) Issue the collection certificates and pay the soliciation fees.

4. After the collections are solicitated, they should be listed into the general account of collections. The status of the collections should be recorded carefully, archives should be established, and collection information should be maintained and included into collection information management.

5. After the collections are received and stored, they should be managed strictly according to the management system of collection warehouse.

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