Conference Center

With a capacity of 217 persons, simultaneous translation systems, image demonstration and projecting systems, this medium-scaled center is the most advanced high-level academic conference center in Zhejiang Province.

Multiple-function Hall

Equipped with screens, projectors and other conference devices, the hall is suitable for all kinds of seminars, presses, professional trainings and other conferences.

Parking Lot

Nearly a hundred of parking spots are available in the convenient parking lot.

Professional Art Materials Shop

A full range of professional art materials and relevant products are provided.

Consultancy and Service Center

Consultancy and services such as reservation, large items storage, voice guide rental, brochures supplements are provided.

Wheelchair, Bassinet

Free wheelchairs and bassinets are accessible to visitors with valid IDs.

Infirmary & Nursing Room

In the infirmary, uncomfortable visitors can have some rest and light injuries can be treated. Nursing room is free for nursing and baby care.

Automatic Storage Cabinet

Free storage service is provided. Please keep your cash and valuable personal belongings with you.

Multimedia Guide

Touch screens at each floor and exhibition hall are installed with multimedia guide, via which Zhejiang Art Museum profile, floor plans and information about partial collections can be found.

Voice Guide Rental

Chinese or English voice guide can be rented with valid IDs in the Consultancy and Service Center.

Art Works Shop

Various types of art works can be found in the art works shop on the 2nd floor.

Art Books Store

Various types of art books can be found in the art books store on the 2nd floor.


Multifarious coffees and drinks are available in the café on the 2nd floor.


Multifarious refreshments are available in the teahouse on the 3rd floor.

Children’s Place

Art experience, art training and art activities are arranged for kids in the Children’s Place.

Water Fountain

Drinkable water is provided on the 3rd floor.

Barrier-Free Facilities

The museum is equipped with barrier-free lifts and restrooms on every floor for the disabled.

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