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Volunteers of Zhejiang Art Museum are a nonprofit community consisting of members coming from all walks of life who love art museums, dedicate themselves to public services and participate in arts promotion in an active manner. Being backbones to provide and improve public services as well as education promotion of ZAM, they insist on the principle of “Creating a Spirit Home for the Public, for the Society and for Us All” under the management and leadership of the Education Promotion Department of ZAM. They participate in various public services and education promotions so as to induce the public to approach, understand, and enjoy arts. They make great contributions to the development of contemporary arts by spreading humanistic spirits and view of values as well as boosting cultural exchanges among the society.

For the year of 2014 ZAM is to recruit 100 volunteers from the community. Specific requirements are as follows:

I. Guiding Principle

According to “Measures for Management of Volunteers of Zhejiang Cultural Museums (On Trial)” and “Supplementary Provisions for Management of Volunteers of Zhejiang Art Museum (On Trial)”, recruitment of volunteers is conducted under the guidance of Zhejiang Headquarter of Volunteers. Using the art museum as a platform, ZAM volunteers should aspire to serve the public out of their own interests with their skills, and take the responsibility of disseminating cultures and arts.

II. Qualifications

A. Citizens who are above 14 years old and observe national laws and regulations (Youth under 18 year-old need get consent from their legal guardians)

B. Citizens who love the cause of art museums and are well-educated and dedicated to their work, ready to serve the society without pay

C. Citizens who are good at expressing themselves, and can speak fluent Mandarin (Proficiency in other languages is preferred)

D. Citizens who are healthy, decently and appropriately dressed with consciousness of observing the rules and regulations of ZAM

E. Citizens who will reside, work or study in Hangzhou for a long period

F. Citizens who acquire basic qualities indispensable for the volunteering services and relevant activities

III. Application

A. On-line registration. Download the “Volunteer Application Form of Zhejiang Art Museum” (See Annex 1) on the website of ZAM (, and then complete the form as required before sending it to the registration email box for volunteers of ZAM at:

B. On-site registration. Get the “Volunteer Application Form of Zhejiang Art Museum” in the Consultancy and Service Center of ZAM. Complete the form on site as required with a one-inch personal photo and return it to the staff.

IV. Recruitment Procedures

Applicants first ought to pass a preliminary examination on relevant qualities before they are qualified to get further interviews. Only those who perform the best in interviews can be admitted as candidates and wait for the consent made by the working conference of ZAM. Recruited volunteers also need to be approved and recorded by Zhejiang Headquarter of Volunteers of Cultural Museums. After signing the volunteer service agreement, all the volunteers of ZAM will receive a professional training.

V. Notes

A. Deadline for application is April 28, 2014 and time for interviews will be further notified.

B. Address of ZAM: 113 Nanshan Rd, Hangzhou, China Postal code: 310002 Tel: 0571-87138602, Ms. Weng

C. Time for on-site registration: 9:00-16:30, from every Tuesday to Sunday


Annex I: Volunteer Application Form of Zhejiang Art Museum (Blank Form)

Annex II: Volunteer Application Form of Zhejiang Art Museum (Sample)

Annex III:Supplementary Provisions for Management of Volunteers

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