The Zhejiang Art Museum (ZAM) is a national modern art museum which President Xi Jinping selected its sites, took part in the foundation stone laying ceremony, pushed the button for starting and promoted finishing the construction himself when he worked in Zhejiang Province.

ZAM is located at Nanshan Road, Hangzhou city, with the Jade Emperor Hill in its backside and next to the famous West Lake. The Museum covers a total area of 35,000m2 and a building area of 32,000m2, in which there are 14 different scale exhibition halls including 6 constant temperature and relative humidity ones. There are total 7,000m2 exhibition areas and 3,000m2 storerooms in the museum. ZAM also has varieties of facilities such as: main hall, international academic report hall, multi-functional hall, room for appreciation of arts, art document center, children’s art world, art bookstore, coffee shop etc. ZAM mainly represents the country to undertake the display and collection of art works and documents, as well as carries out educational research programs, foreign exchanges and public culture service based on its art resources.

Since ZAM opened to the public in August of 2009, it has been insisting the direction of Facing to home and abroad, focusing on the modern and the history both”; the academic tenet of Publicity, Diversity, and Open. ZAM mainly focus on the research of Zhejiang modern art history based on which, it has a series of academic programs and effected in the art circle home and aboard. ZAM successively has joined and become the member of Committee of Art Museums in China (CAMC).in 2009, the International Committee for Museums and Collections of Modern Art (CIMAM) in 2011, a key national art museum of China in 2015 and a national 4A-level tourist attraction in 2022.

Aiming to become an important site and nationally significant art museum that spreads human civilizations, carries forward advanced cultures, and cultivates humanistic spirits, the young museum has gradually built up a system of arts collection, arts exhibition, academic researches and arts education, reflecting the development of contemporary arts and the procedure of constructing Zhejiang as a great province of arts.

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