Centenary Glory · Great Achievements — Exhibition of Poems, Calligraphy, Paintings and Seals to Celebrate the Centenary of the Communist Party of China in Hangzhou

Date: 2021/8/6     Click: 

Exhibition Time:  2021/6/2 to 2021/6/15
Organizers: Propaganda Department of the Hangzhou Municipal Committee, Hangzhou Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Committee of Xiling Society of Seal Arts
Hall:  NO 7, 8, 9, 10


The Communist Party of China has experienced a glorious history for a century. Through this magnificent centenary journey, the CPC has withstood the test of time and grown even stronger. From Shikumen in Shanghai to Nanhu in Jiaxing, a small red boat, carrying the trust of the people and the hope of the nation, sailed across rapids and shoals and navigated through stormy waves, becoming a huge ship that leads China in a steady and sustainable journey. The past one hundred years have witnessed the CPC’s dedication to fulfilling its original aspiration, its hard work of laying the foundation for the nation, and its commitment to making brilliant achievements and opening up the future.

“The CPC is determined to make great achievements for the Chinese nation. In its 100s, it is in its prime!” Amid the warm atmosphere when the centenary of the CPC was celebrated, the Propaganda Department of the Hangzhou Municipal Committee, the Hangzhou Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and the Committee of Xiling Society of Seal Arts organized a large number of literary and art workers to carefully create a group of poetry, fine arts, calligraphy, and seal cutting works around the theme of “Centenary Glory · Great Achievements”, from which the selected ones were displayed at an exhibition to pay tribute to the centenary of the party and support the study and education of party history. The exhibition artistically echoes the main themes of the times, that is, the CPC, the socialism, the reform and opening up, the great Motherland, and the people of all ethnic groups are all beneficial to the Chinese nation.

This exhibition is composed of four major sections. The first section is an arts exhibition called “Hundreds of Flowers Vying for Beauty in the Sun”. It features 100 flower-and-bird paintings created under the organization of the Hangzhou Artists Association; the second section is an exhibition of poetry and calligraphy works called “Loyalty Expressed in Poetry and Calligraphy”. It features 100 poems that are put into calligraphy works by calligraphers under the organization the Hangzhou Calligraphers Association, and the poems are created or selected under the organization of the Hangzhou Writers Association and the Hangzhou Poetry and Couplets Association. The third section is a scroll of calligraphy and painting that is 100m long, called “A Century-old Party in Its Prime”, collectively created by calligraphers and painters organized by the federation of literary and art circles in different districts and counties (cities) in Hangzhou. The fourth section is an exhibition of seal carving works called “Heritage Preserved in Red Seals”. It features 100 seal carving works around the theme of red revolution most representative of famous Xiling seal carving masters selected by the Committee of Xiling Society of Seal Arts.

“The journey is long, and only struggle can lead to the destination.” Standing at a new starting point for the new journey of building a socialist modern country in an all-round way, we must unite more closely around the Party Central Committee with General Secretary Xi at the core, keep our original aspiration, assume the mission, and continue to struggle. We will faithfully implement the “Double-Eight Strategy”, serve as an “important window” at the forefront, and make unremitting efforts to promote the high-level construction of Hangzhou as a socialist metropolis!

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