National Unity and Centenary of the CPC — Tour Exhibition of Paintings by Farmers from Aksu (Hangzhou)

Date: 2021/8/6     Click: 

Exhibition Time:  2021/7/10 to 2021/7/27
Organizers: Aksu Prefecture Committee of the Communist Party of China、Zhejiang Provincial Department of culture and Tourism、Zhejiang Provincial Headquarters of Aid to Xinjiang
Hall:  NO 8, 9


In order to implement the spirit of the third Work Symposium of the Central Committee on Xinjiang, focus on forging the shared identity of the Chinese nation, deeply promote the projects of culturally nurturing Xinjiang, and celebrate the centenary of the Communist Party of China, the Zhejiang Provincial Headquarters of Aid to Xinjiang, and the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism launched the “Million” series called “I Love Zhejiang and Xinjiang · Century-old Cultural Nourishment” in Aksu in this April. As an important carrier of cultural aid to Xinjiang in 2021, this series includes 11 activities such as hosting exchange exhibitions of a hundred historical cultural relics, a hundred tour opera performances about the theme of revolution, putting a hundred excellent traditional opera performances on campus, holding exhibition of a hundred farmer paintings about the theme of revolution, and industrial upgrading. The purpose is to publicize the brand of “I Love Zhejiang and Xinjiang” and promote the implementation of ten major demonstration projects of culturally nurturing Xinjiang in the region. As part of the series, “National Unity and Centenary of the CPC — Tour Exhibition of Paintings by Farms from Aksu” showcases the latest achievements in farmer paintings in Aksu, Xinjiang, to the audience in Hangzhou.

Located on the northern edge of the Tarim Basin at the southern foot of the Mount Tianshan in Xinjiang, Aksu is an important post on the “Ancient Silk Road” and in the core area of the “Belt and Road”. The unique geographical location and the integration of diverse cultures lay the foundation for the profound culture of farmer paintings in Aksu. The farmer paintings in Aksu vividly reflect the production, life and folk customs of the local people of various ethnic groups and are a microcosm of the integration of diverse cultures and the collision of traditional culture and modern culture in Xinjiang. In particular, Daolang and Kuche Qiuci farmer paintings from Awat, Aksu, in southern Xinjiang are important parts of farmer paintings in Xinjiang. They exhibit unique styles, lively colors, and novel composition, full of ethnic attire and artistic charm.

“National Unity and Centenary of the CPC — Tour Exhibition of Paintings by Farms from Aksu” carefully selects excellent paintings created by farmers from each (county) city in the Aksu area of Xinjiang that depict national unity, folk customs in Xinjiang, achievements of poverty alleviation, and aid to Xinjiang. The works show a full range of vivid scenes of social harmony and stability in Xinjiang, unity of all ethnic groups, and the concerted efforts of Zhejiang and Aksu. Constant effort yields sure success. After 11 years of assistance from Zhejiang Province, Aksu has made fruitful cultural achievements. This exhibition not only shows the good artistic quality and positive spirit of farmers in Aksu, but also testifies the fruitful results of Zhejiang’s aid to Aksu and the deep friendship between the two places and demonstrates the great unity of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang in the new era. The cadres and masses of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang will focus on the shared identity of the Chinese nation and maintain ethnic unity in the north and south of Mount Tianshan.

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