Application for Groups Guide

Group: For groups of more than 20 persons only

1. Please complete and submit your on-line application form 10 days prior to the date of visiting. You will receive acknowledgment of receipt within 3 working days sent by our museum.
2. For a certain period of the same day reservations for group tour with a capacity of more than 100 persons are not available considering the volume and quality of visit and guide.
3. Guide tour service is by the receipt of reservation, which you need to take to the counter of service on your visiting day. Please call on us to confirm if you do not receive your receipt until 2 days before the visiting day.
4. Please call in advance at 86-10-64771575 to let us know if you are unable to start your tour at the appointed time. And please understand that for an absence or a more-than-20-minute late with no reason, the service would have to be canceled.

1. Group leaders please take the reservation receipt to the counter of service upon arrival and for group of more than 100 visitors, please assemble and divide all the members on the square outside the museum till our tour guide leads everyone in.
2. Exhibit instruction and learning material are accessible on our website (differently compiled for different exhibition conceptions and themes).
3. For group tickets discount and free admission, please consult the front counter or refer to the latest notices online.

Requests for Coordination:
1. For school groups, teachers should be appointed as leaders of the group and see to it that students are safe and in order.
2. For a quick admission processing, leaders please buy the tickets for your groups.
3. For storage, please refer to the relevant regulations for visiting the museum.

Registration: submit online application form.
Contact us: Zhejiang Art Museum, 86-571-87078700