Strong Attachment in Long-distance Aid to Xinjiang|“Zhejiang-Alaer Cultural Exchange and Cooperation” Project Is Launched in Alaer City
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On the morning of October 22, “Zhejiang-Alaer Cultural Exchange and Cooperation”, a project co-sponsored by the Alaer Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Alaer People’s Government, the Aid-to-Xinjiang Command of Zhejiang Province, and Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism (“ZPDCT”), and the Culture, Sports, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau of No. Division in Alaer, was launched in the Alaer Culture (Art) Museum (“ACM”). Lu Yuedong, Party Secretary and Political Commissar of the No.1 Division in Alaer, and Yang Jianwu, member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the ZPDCT, attended the ceremony and delivered speeches.

Launching ceremony of the “Zhejiang-Alaer Cultural Exchange and Cooperation” project

At the launching ceremony, Qian Cheng, Deputy Curator of ZJAM, and Zhang Shigao, member of the Alaer CPPCC Party Group, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Culture and Tourism Bureau of No.1 Division in Alaer, signed a co-construction agreement for the ACM. By leveraging the industry and business advantages of ZJAM and strengthening the communication and cooperation between ZJAM and the ACM, Alaer’s capabilities in talent training, operation management, collection of excellent art works, design and development of cultural and creative products, exchange and curation will be enhanced to better promote the development of cultural and artistic undertakings in Alaer. At the same time, ZJAM also donated exquisite picture albums to the ACM, as an attempt to further promote cultural exchanges and integration between Zhejiang and Alaer.

ZJAM and the ACM signing a co-construction agreement

ZJAM donating picture albums to the ACM

After the ceremony, the guests visited the art exhibition named “Painting and Calligraphy about Zhejiang and Tianshan Mountains in Xinjiang”. The exhibition featured carefully selected works collected in ZJAM of traditional Chinese paintings and woodblocks created by famous modern and contemporary painters like Li Zhenjian, Zhang Yangxi, Zhang Huaijiang, Zhao Yannian, Zhao Zongzao, Zhou Cangmi, and Li Yitai. These works all depict the customs of Xinjiang and the landscape of the West Lake. A total of 90 works, characterized by bright colors, life-like expression, and artistic ingenuity, are divided into two units named “Affection to Tianshan Mountains” and “Panorama of West Lake”, respectively. They were intended to express the “Close Tie between the West Lake and Tianshan Mountains and between the people of Zhejiang and Alaer as a family”.

A guide to the exhibition by Chen Wei, Director of the Collection Department of ZJAM

At the exhibition

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