The 2020 Training Session for Art Museum Curators in the Province Is Held in Hangzhou
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On December 22, 2020, the 2020 training session for art museum curators in the province was held in Hangzhou. The training session was sponsored by Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism (ZPDCT) and organized by ZJAM and the Grand Canal (Zhejiang Section) Gallery Alliance. Shi Ying, Deputy Director of the Art Division of ZPDCT, Ying Jinfei, Curator of ZJAM, Qian Cheng and Yu Liangfeng, Deputy Curators of ZJAM, attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was moderated by Du Qun, Secretary of the Party General Branch and Deputy Curator of ZJAM. A total of 41 trainees from 10 prefectures and cities across the province participated in this training session.

The opening ceremony

ZJAM Curator Ying Jinfei delivering a speech

At the opening ceremony, Ying Jinfei shared his feelings about talent training, financial support and career development direction involved in the construction of an art museum. He said that ZJAM is committed to constructing an art museum study system in cooperation with universities and will start to put into effect a review system for excellent projects of art exhibitions, collections, and public education in the province. He expected concerted efforts to promote the development of art museums in the province.

Shi Ying, Deputy Director of the Art Division of ZPDCT, delivering a speech

On behalf of the ZPDCT, Shi Ying put forward 6 suggestions for all the trainees. First, members of the Provincial Gallery Alliance should actively participate in various activities of the Alliance and provide different public cultural services. At the same time, local art museums should attach importance to applying for subsidies for free opening of public art museums and actively seek subsidies from the central government. Second, exhibition activities around the theme of the centennial of the Party should be well planned and organized. Members of the Provincial Gallery Alliance should remain people-oriented in their artistic creation, implement projects that improve the quality of literary and artistic works, strengthen the creation and production of realistic themes, and continuously create literary and artistic works that reflect the new atmosphere of the times and eulogize people’s new creations. Third, the Setting and Service Standards for Public Art Museums should be implemented to upgrade the industry. At the same time, it is planned to start the project of Evaluation Standards for Art Museums in Zhejiang Province in 2021, further strengthen and regulate the management and classification guidance of the art museum industry in the province, and give full play to their role in providing public cultural services. Fourth, in order to share resources, a digital management cloud platform for fine art collections across the province should be constructed. At present, a number of art museums in the province have joined the platform. More are expected to join to truly realize the integrated management and use of art resources in the province. Fifth, to provide fine arts education in rural areas, efforts should be made to develop villages (communities) that receive fine arts education support across the province. In 2021, it is planned to increase the number of such selected villages, plus a series of development measures. On this basis, a batch of model villages (communities) that receive fine arts education support across the province will be selected to be promoted all over the country in 2022. Sixth, in terms of exhibition quality, appraisal and selection campaigns should be launched during the art museum exhibition season in the province. The purpose is to further guide and promote the construction of art museum collections, encourage cooperation between art museums, promote sharing of art resources in the province, provide better public cultural services for the people, and create a good social atmosphere for building a moderately prosperous society in all aspects.

Du Qun, Secretary of the Party General Branch and Deputy Curator of ZJAM, moderating the opening ceremony

ZJAM Deputy Curator Qian Cheng attending the opening ceremony

ZJAM Deputy Curator Yu Liangfeng attending the opening ceremony

The opening ceremony

A group photo

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