The Launching Ceremony of the Support Program for “One Hundred Fine Arts Teachers from One Hundred Schools” Is Held at ZJAM
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On the afternoon of September 8, the launching ceremony of the Support Program for “One Hundred Fine Arts Teachers from One Hundred Schools” (“the Support Program”) was held at ZJAM by the museum and Hangzhou Basic Education Research Office (HBERC) under the guidance of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism (ZPDCT) and China Academy of Art (CAA). This was a meaningful practical activity to implement the message delivered at the cultural work meeting of the Zhejiang Provincial Committee.

At the Launching Ceremony

Director Chen Jifen and Liu Ge from the Art Division of the ZPDCT; Yang Zhenyu, dean and secretary of the School of Arts and Humanities of CAA and vice chairman of Zhejiang Literature and Art Critics Association; Han Lu, secretary of the Party Committee, deputy dean and professor of the School of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Art of CAA; Huang Jun, dean and professor of the School of Art Management of CAA; Li Yong, director of the Department of Arts Education of the School of Art Management of CAA; Curator Ying Jinfei and Deputy Curator Qian Cheng of ZJAM; Director Zhu Ke and Arts Education Instructor and Researcher Li Fang of HBERC; Zhang Haizhen, secretary of the Party Committee and president of Hangzhou Botanical Garden (HBG) (Hangzhou West Lake Academy of Landscape Science, or HWLALS); Qian Jiangbo, director of the Office of HBG (HWLALS); Xue Lian, anchor of the Voice of Zhejiang; Ling Mingzhong, Xie Zhongqiang, Liao Chengyu, Yao Caifen, Jiang Bingjie, Zhang Lijuan, Zheng Jingchao, Lv Chunbin, Zheng Xiaomin, Wang Yangyan, Li Ting, Guan Qingwei, and Li Qiyun as representatives of arts education instructors and researchers; as representative arts teachers from 170 primary and secondary schools in Hangzhou and news media representatives attended the launching ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Du Qun, secretary of the General Party branch and deputy curator of ZJAM.

Chen Jifen, director of the Art Division of the ZPDCT, announcing the official opening of the event

Ying Jinfei, curator of ZJAM, delivering a speech

Ying Jinfei said that ZJAM, as a key public cultural institution under the ZPDCT, has been actively building a large arts education platform for social arts education since its inception. It provides a wide range of arts education services for young people with carefully planned art exhibitions and hundreds of public education sessions hosted each year.

The Support Program is an attempt made by ZJAM to actively “enrich the supply of social resources for arts education and promote basic public cultural service projects to serve arts education in schools”. With full support from HBERC, Curator Ying believed that they would implement the Support Program practically and excellently to really help all teachers.

Zhu Ke, director of HBERC, delivering a speech

On behalf of HBERC, Director Zhu Ke first thanked ZJAM for providing arts education resources for art teachers in the 13 counties and districts of Hangzhou and schools directly under the Hangzhou Education Bureau. At the same time, he said that arts education is an organic combination of aesthetics and pedagogy and that “Educating Five Domains Simultaneously” has become a consensus in society. He also said that ZJAM provided art teachers in Hangzhou with a rich and practical arts education resource library, allowing them to jointly build and share high-quality arts education resources. This was a highly significant contribution to the development of arts education in schools. He sincerely expected to have more opportunities to cooperate with ZJAM in promoting the development of arts education in Hangzhou.

Qian Cheng, deputy curator of ZJAM, signing a strategic cooperation agreement with HBERC, on behalf of ZJAM

Yang Zhenyu, dean and professor of the School of Arts and Humanities of CAA, delivering a speech

Professor Yang Zhenyu said in his speech that ZJAM is a practitioner of common spiritual prosperity. When art is better understood as a way to share spiritual wealth, the value of art works will become more considerable. In recent years, the School of Arts and Humanities of CAA and ZJAM have cooperated in holding many excellent arts education activities and exhibitions, such as academic forums titled “West Lake Art Forum: A Journey to Arts and Humanities” and “Observation: The Creation and Research of Chinese Flower and Bird Paintings”. They shared the same understanding and expectations of what art is in each new era. He extended special congratulations to ZJAM for taking a big step forward in the undertaking of social arts education through the Support Program.

Han Lu, secretary of the Party Committee, deputy dean and professor of the School of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Art of CAA, delivering a speech

In his speech, Professor Han Lu shared his thought and vision on the development, mission and significance of arts education. He said that under the support of the Party’s and the country’s education policies and through the continuous efforts of arts educators, arts education has evolved from a shortage of arts teachers in the past to the “100 schools and 100 teachers” and “1,000 schools and 1,000 teachers” and even “10,000 schools and 10,000 teachers” in the future. He expressed the best wish for an eternal spring for arts.

Zhang Haizhen, secretary of the Party Committee and president of HBG (HWLALS), delivering a speech

President Zhang Haizhen said that it was a great honor to work with ZJAM to open up a new chapter of co-constructing and sharing arts education resources and to forge ahead on a new journey of improving the practical quality of arts education. If education flourishes, the country will flourish, and if education is strong, the country will be strong. In the context of arts education in the new era, HBG will continue this partnership with ZJAM to create a new model of arts education practice. They will deepen the cooperation, provide complementary resources, jointly develop practice courses with arts education characteristics, and promote innovation in arts education in the new era.

Xue Lian, leader of the Voice Group of Air Radio and anchor of the Voice of Zhejiang

In her speech, Xue Lian reviewed the cooperation between Voice of Zhejiang and ZJAM in an arts education project called “Voice in the Air”. She felt honored to participate in the Support Program and hoped to launch more arts education cooperation with ZJAM that can “strengthen confidence, gather together and warm people’s hearts, and build unity.”

Li Fang, an arts education instructor and researcher of HBERC, accepted the CD of the radio program “Reading Painting in the Air—Telling Children about Party History”, on behalf of HBERC

Du Qun, secretary of the General Party branch and deputy curator of ZJAM, hosting the ceremony

ZJAM Curator Ying Jinfei issuing letters of appointment to arts education instructors and researchers from Hangzhou and its 13 districts and counties

Curator Ying Jinfei accepting a pennant from No.11 High School in Xiaoshan District

At the Seminar

Over more than decade since it was established, ZJAM has been reviewing and studying the modern art in Zhejiang. It collects nearly 30,000 art classics from Zhejiang which have now been fully digitized. These valuable arts education resources will become common wealth for arts education workers and lend practical support in every art class. ZJAM will fully open these digital resources to arts teachers in primary and secondary schools in Hangzhou within two years. Relying on the online education platform of “Art Museum in a Box”, it will study and explore arts education practices suitable for primary and secondary school students with HBERC and will invite artists and first-line arts teachers to develop courses together.

ZJAM will do its best to explore and refine new models of museum-school cooperation, provide true teaching support for arts teachers, and effectively promote the penetration of arts to grassroots.

School representatives receiving the books

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